Printmaking Coures in Wales

Printmaking courses & workshops.

John will be running a small number of print workshops where each course will be limited to four students, this will enable students to receive high levels of individual tuition and technical support.  All materials for the courses will be supplied, (see the materials list below), any additional plates can be purchased from the studio*. The courses will cater for all levels of experience in printmaking.  Students will be taught dry point, carborundum and etching techniques, using low toxic and environmentally sustainable methods and materials.  At the beginning of each course there will be emphasis on technique and method so that students can develop successful images through the printing process. When students become more familiar with the intaglio process and methods, they will be encouraged to experiment and explore the creative possibilities in intaglio printmaking


In etching processes, students will have the opportunity to experiment in line, step biting, burnishing, aquatint, coffee lift and combing these techniques and methods on one plate or more. They will also be given the opportunity to use different metals and mordants, including aluminium, steel and copper. Mordents’ used at the studio are ferric chloride and copper sulphate; appropriate health and safety guidance will be given.


Emphasis is on good studio practice. Guidance will be given on the best way to print the different types of plates and which papers are most suited to the techniques. Colour printing and multi-plate printmaking are taught using the appropriate registration methods.


The courses are to be held on Thursdays and Saturdays, commencing at 10am and finishing at 5pm. There will be breaks for lunch and refreshments, timings as determined by the individual groups. Tea, coffee and snacks will be supplied.

Materials included in the course price:

- Proofing paper

- Hand and Mould made specialist printmaking papers

- Scrim

- Inks colour, black and extender

- Mordants

- Blotting and tissue paper

- Card

- Metal polish, dilutants and cleaning materials

- Etching ground

- Test plates for different methods

- Carborundum, impasto medium and varnish

- Mount card plates for carborundum

- Printing sundries


Etching tools will be supplied for use during the courses


There will be a small charge for additional metal plates at cost price.


Please contact John (below) for further enquiries or use contact form >>

Printmaking courses in Wales

2, Bryn Awelon

Llandegfan, Menai Bridge,

Anglesey, LL59 5TQ.

United Kingdom.